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'I wear a hoodie, but sing like a bird'


OFTEN MISTAKEN for a rapper because of his street-like image, singer Angel proves that looks can be deceiving by telling The Voice, "I actually sing like a bird."

In our exclusive interview, the new Island Records signing says his west London upbringing has a lot to do with his style.

"Where I come from we have a passion for clothes, a passion for style, and a passion to look good," he said.

Adding: “I like to portray that in the way I dress sometimes. I can come on stage hooded up, and wearing shades, but I sing like a bird.”

Angel, who used to sing “hardcore revival reggae” in a music group with his brothers and sisters before making the change to R‘n’B said he believes the future is bright for the genre.

“Urban is coming through strong, and I think before we never the chance to exploit the passion for music,” he said.

He added: “Someone like Tinie Tempah that is really gritty, hard urban, with a pop twist to it and It is happening and it is working…and I think there is more of that to come.”

The rising star and the son of famous songwriter Tendai Charles, who wrote reggae hit Sixth Street by Louisa Marks, says he has his father to thank for his vocal ability.

“My dad is my everything and he is my role model. He has played with all the top reggae artists, and all the bands that used to come over from Jamaica,” he said.

He added: “My whole music thing came from my dad and the whole thing he had done. Just being around it from young.”

Angel is expected to release his latest EP, Seven Minutes Before Time later this year.

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