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Have your say on plans to "transform" buildings in Peckham

CLEAN-UP JOB: PemPeople's Nicholas Okwulu with property expert Sarah Beeny and pupil from Camelot Primary School cleaning-up the Unwin and Friary Estate in Peckham

PECKHAM, SOUTH London has undergone somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, going from being known as the home of fictional low-brow rogue 'Del boy', to being the feared site of Damilola Taylor's murder to becoming a go-to destination for hipsters with plenty of money to spend on craft beer and dim sum!

The renaissance is not over yet, as evidenced by the area's respected social enterprise leader Nicholas Okwulu who began PemPeople ('people empowering people') in the area. For a run-down of Okwulu's work, watch the video below:

Okwulu and his team are hosting the below consultation, which will give local residents a chance to comment on how empty garages may be used in the future:

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