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Harry has last laugh with love for Meghan

LOOK OF LOVE: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could make 2017 eventful

PRINCE HARRY, the undisputed joker-in- chief of the royal family, is having the last
laugh on the media and other distractors who have tried their utmost to split him up from his girlfriend, the American actress Meghan Markle.

He’s spent the Christmas season giving them the run around in plain view with said girlfriend because, to frankly quote Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind, he doesn’t give a damn.

He doesn’t give a damn that Meghan is black and that a continuation of their relationship would lead to the downfall of the monarchy and civilisation as we know it, in the way some of those prejudiced doomsayers have been suggesting by nods, winks and grunts. We know, don’t we, that is what the shock and awe headlines around this relationship have been all about. Particularly when they question Ms Markle’s suitability to be a royal.

Does Prince Harry’s Girlfriend, Meghan Markle, Have What It Takes To Be A Princess? was one particularly disturbing headline. What’s that all about? It was a question that was never asked of any of his previous sweethearts. And although the article goes to great lengths not to mention her colour (it instead concentrates on her being a divorcee), what is the first thing that comes into your head when you see a headline like that? When you know her racial credentials.

Even on this 80th anniversary of Prince Harry’s great great uncle’s abdication from the throne for the love of a divorcee, nobody is questioning whether someone who is not a virgin is a suitable consort for a royal. They are more concerned about the provenance of a royal’s lovebird. And a B-L-A-C-K provenance always raises eyebrows.

It is not just us who have had a lifetime of enduring that question time and time again, who will be reading between the lines and jumping to conclusions. How often have we been rejected on that intangible premise of not having ‘what it takes’? How frequently, when we apply for schools and jobs and housing that we are overqualified for, are we rejected on the tenuous basis of not having ‘what it takes’.

This questioning of our ability to meet some unwritten criteria of ‘what it takes’ has been used as a default position for a couple of generations now since it became clear and illegal that you could not discriminate (openly) on the basis of colour. No ‘law-abiding’ person would think to do otherwise. The spirit of the law is one thing, the practical reality is another thing completely. More than any other race, it is we who apparently do not have ‘what it takes’ – whatever that is.

Like I say, it is not just us who will be jumping to conclusions and reading between the lines when we see or hear those words. Prejudiced people who have desperately clung on for generations to the notion that somehow they are better than us and we are not quite good enough, that we just don’t have what it takes, as they do.

What it takes is what they cling on to for their own sense of self-worth. They may be ignorant and selfish and unwashed but at least, in their minds, they have ‘what it takes’ – whatever that is.

Well, these self-deluded individuals with an over-valued estimation of their self-worth will be beside themselves with apoplexia in 2017 when the royal family prepares to welcome its first black member.


Because I am in no doubt from the look of love in Prince Harry’s roving eye these last few months that he is head over heels infatuated with his new flame. I have seen that look before many times. In the eyes of some of my closest male friends, and I can tell you this – it always leads to marriage and a lasting love affair.

I have also seen that look in my own eye. When I was courting my missus and I caught my reflection in a mirror. It’s the look of love. No, not the look of lust, but the look of REAL love. A love of a lifetime. I can’t understand why more women don’t look deep in a man’s eye to see if that look is there be- fore they get impregnated with a philanderer’s seed.

Seriously, if more women were to look in a man’s eyes and see if they have that Harry look in them, there wouldn’t be so many single women in the world. Don’t get me wrong, there would still be a lot of wotless men in the world but they wouldn’t be making fools of intelligent women.

And we know that Harry, like his grandmother, loves black. Well, once you go black... but we don’t need to go there. Have I not told you about my first experience at Buckingham Palace where I was standing between the comedian Gary Wilmot and a member of the BT steelpan orchestra? Mr Pan Man told me how many times he had performed at Bucks House and Highgrove for the royal posse.

Unlike me, he was acting like the palace was his second home. And, believe it or not, when Her Majesty made her grand entrance through the doors that Mr Pan Man had earlier indicated to me that she would emerge from, he was the first person she went over to chat with, like he and her were spars. I kid you not.

Harry, meanwhile, has recently declared his love for Af- rica in no uncertain terms: “I have a love for Africa that will never disappear,” he said, in talking about his charity in Lesotho and the work he has done there. It was as profound a statement on blackness as any royal has ever made.

And we should not forget that. He gets us. He gets Africa. Just like his grandmother gets us. And how his grandmother loves Africa and the Caribbean and the people who populate those regions and our culture. Remember how warmly and easily she received the Obamas when they stayed over at her London gaff.

Her Majesty will welcome Meghan Markle into the royal family this year. And Her Majesty, as wise as she is, will appreciate that Meghan is the colour that the family firm needs to liven up the place.

Put a bet on it. The royal family is just about to get a bit of black and once they go there, there is no turning back.

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