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Grenfell: Official figures now say 58 presumed dead

COLLECTIVE PAIN: A local resident makes her plea heard outside Notting Hill Methodist church near Grenfell Tower today

LONDON'S POLICE force, who have begun a criminal investigation to find out who was responsible for the blazing inferno which gutted 24-storey Grenfell Tower this week; have confirmed that there are now officially 58 people feared dead.

Family liaison officers have now been deployed to support 52 families. These include the families of those deceased as well as those who are critically injured, and also families in cases where police have strong reason to believe that people reported as missing are very likely to be inside Grenfell Tower. Those families who have not yet had a family liaison officer deployed to support them will be contacted by police throughout the course of this afternoon.

Over the last four days the Metropolitan Police have worked to provide greater clarity on the number of people that are believed to have died in the fire.

16 bodies are now in a mortuary, including one person who died in hospital - the others have been recovered from the building.

At this stage 19 people remain in hospital of which ten are receiving critical care. Everyone who was taken to or who remains in hospital has been identified.

UPDATES: Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy at a press conference earlier today

The ongoing search and rescue operation being carried out by joint specialist teams from the London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service and the Met had to stop yesterday afternoon due to serious concerns about the safety of those recovering bodies due to the overwhelming damage caused by the fire.

As of 1:30pm today those teams have re-entered the building and are now continuing with the recovery operation, which will take many weeks to come.

Commander Stuart Cundy, said:

“Whilst I sincerely hope that our work over the coming days means that we able to say that less people are confirmed as having died, I also have to consider the sad reality that this may rise.

“I would like to ask anyone who was in Grenfell Tower that night, but for whatever reason has not told us they are safe to please call our Casualty Bureau. It does not matter why you have not told us, what is important is that we know you are safe.

“Sadly, our work will be ongoing for many, many weeks. We know that there are still bodies of those who died inside the building and we want to return those people to their families as soon as we possibly can.

SUPPORT: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, left, hugs a volunteer at St. Clements church in west London as she coordinates donations

“The work to search the building is challenging, but naturally could never be done quickly enough for those currently having to live with the uncertainty of knowing where their loved ones are.

“I would like to ask the public for their help with this complex investigation. If you have images or videos that show the fire then please give it to us. Part of our investigation will involve a painstaking analysis of how the fire spread and this footage could be vital to helping establish that."

Victims are identified where possible, by at least one of the primary identification methods which are dental comparison, fingerprints and DNA. Other, secondary, identification features are also taken into consideration, such as tattoos and scars. Supporting information to consider can include jewellery, clothing or property.

Anyone with any images or footage is asked to send them to the investigation team via Please select 'Grenfell Investigation' from the drop down menu before adding any images or footage. Detectives would also like to receive the sender’s contact details and where and when the imagery was taken.

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