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Greens plan to join forces with Labour and Lib Dems

NEW DAY: Green party co-leaders Jonathan Bartley (left) and Caroline Lucas at their annual conference last month

TODAY JEREMY Corbyn, Labour party leader and Tim Farron of the Liberal Democrats received the beginnings of a full proposal from the Green party, which invited them to consider forming a three-pronged coalition in an attempt to thwart Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative party from resuming rule over Britain after an early June election.

Jonathan Bartley and Caroline Lucas, a coalition of their own, maintain in the letter that joining with the other two parties would “stop the Tories from wrecking our country for generations to come” with draconian austerity after Brexit proper.

ONWARD: Jeremy Corbyn makes his way to this morning's Prime Minister's Questions

The Greens have also highlighted afresh the gaps within the British voting system - just 24% of the UK voted the Conservatives in at the last general election, the other 76% of the country's vote being split between Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Green party and UKIP. In 2016 former Green leader Natalie Bennett used this fact as the basis of her argument to form an anti-Conservative alliance - her suggestion was not met with much enthusiasm outside of her own party; however it is hoped that MPs and the public will be more open to the idea given the negative reactions to many Tory policies and decisions made recently.

Bartley and Lucas are yet to meet face-to-face with Corbyn and Farron to discuss the details of their idea. In the meantime their letter expresses that they are “deeply concerned too about the prospect of a further Conservative majority and the impact on our crumbling NHS, the housing crisis, the environment and what for young people is a bleak and uncertain future”.

OPINIONS: Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron challenges Theresa May during a parliamentary debate last month

“Britain is at a crossroads – and this election will dictate the very future of our country.

"Many of the public want us to join forces to help stop the Tories from further wrecking our country for generations to come and we hope you will be willing to at least take the first step and meet with us.”

Lucas stated:

“Our call for a meeting between party leaders isn’t about the Greens standing aside – it’s about giving people in this country the best possible chance of defeating the Conservatives and bringing in a truly democratic voting system.”

If former opinions are any indication of the response to today's letter, Farron may require much persuasion before agreeing to join with Labour after his criticisms of Corbyn's approach to key issues including Brexit.

This story is developing.

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