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Grandmother serves life sentence for a nonviolent offence

PICTURED: Alice Marie Johnson Photo credit: MIC

A GRANDMOTHER is serving a life sentence with no chance of parole for a non-violent crime. Alice Marie Johnson, now 62, was sentenced to life in federal prison twenty years ago when she was given a lengthy mandatory prison sentence for a first time, non-violent offence.

As a single mother struggling to provide for her five children, Johnson fell in with the wrong crowd - a group involved with drug dealing.

According to The Metro, she admits her part and says while she acted as a go-between and relayed messages to dealers, she claims she never sold drugs or made deals during her involvement with a group who sold and distributed cocaine to Mephis, Tennessee.

She and 14 others were arrested on drug and money laundering charges in 1993. During her trial, ten of the defendants were convinced by prosecutors to testify against her in exchange for reduced or dropped charges.

Her daughter, Tretessa Johnson has set up a petition in the hopes that Donald Trump will grant her mother clemency. The petition states: "She was one of thousands of first time, non-violent offenders who were given mandatory lengthy prison terms.

"She was sentenced as part of a larger drug conspiracy. My mother has accepted responsibility for her actions that led to her imprisonment and has used that experience to better her life and the lives of others.

"Since being incarcerated my mother has been a model prisoner who mentors women and has become an ordained minister.’ The bid for clemency has been backed by prison staff, members of congress and academics.

According to the ACLU, Johnson is one of 3,278 people serving life without parole for a nonviolent offence and like Johnson, 79% of these people are drug offenders and 65% are black.

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