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Get to know: Calvin Ughelumba

TALENT: Calvin Ughelumba

Q: TELL ME a bit more about yourself and you’re upbringing in Forrest Gate?

A: I got into football through my brother as he plays football and I thought it was alright, even though I wasn’t as passionate as he was initially. So I was just playing it here and there, so when we played out with friends we would play football and that’s how it all started.

Q: Since you weren’t as into football as you’re brother originally, what other interests did you have prior to getting into it?

A: Cars mainly, I enjoyed learning about the engines and how they function.

Q: How has you’re family and friends supported you’re football career?

A: My family were really encouraging because there are a lot of benefits to it as well, but they're more happy that I’m doing something that I want to do and that its putting a smile on my face.

Q: Have you found any particular challenges and obstacles at the start of you’re career?

A: There’s a lot of obstacles; one with my age, as I'm a part of the under 17s and I’m in competition with the under 18s and they tend to get more priority. Also, being consistent can be challenging, as you have to make sure you’re playing at the best everyday.

Q: You are one of the top 4 left-backs in you’re age group in this country, and I imagine that comes with some pressures to maintain a certain level of performance. Do you feel those pressures, and if you do, how to you manage it?

A: I feel a lot of pressure, but I just make sure to remember the good times and remain focused on my aim so I don’t but much emphasis on the pressure.

Q: For other youngsters who aspire to be in the position that you’re in, what advice would you give to them?

A: Just to always keep working hard. I’ve worked hard for four years just to get where I am but it may not happen as quickly. So make sure you’re passionate and work hard and you’ll get there.

Q: Do you think youth football initiatives are important in developing young talent like yourself?

A: Yes I think it is, because most people think footballers just run around and get paid a lot of money for it, but they don’t see what footballers go through and there’s a lot of things before you get to the top level. So these initiatives really help for development purposes and knowledge.

Q: What would you say is the best moment on a football pitch?

A: Probably scoring in the champion’s league for under 19s at 16, so that was pretty good

Q: Who are your sporting hero?

A: One of them is David Allabar I just think he’s a good player, and Messi

Q: What are your main plans for the rest of the year?

A: To be involved with the under 23’s more and to get further up the league table so that's the main goal for me and to of course, improve as a player.

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