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Geest line help with Hurricane Irma relief aid

SUPPORT: Hurricane relief supplies needed

J PRAM Shipping and Geest Line have announced that they will be donating a container which will be shipped free of cost to assist relief efforts in the tiny Caribbean island of Barbuda after the passage of Hurricane Irma two weeks ago.


Barbuda, Antigua’s sister island, received the brunt of the Category 5 hurricane as the eye of the storm passed over it on September 6 leaving an estimated 95% of the buildings damaged and many of the is- land’s population homeless.

A release from the shipping line said: “We will be receiving cargo donations for the assistance and rebuilding of Barbuda up until September 27. All cargo donated will be shipped free of charge to the National Offices of Disaster Services (NODS), Antigua.”

The release further stated: “ If persons would like to donate anything to the relief effort here is what they must do: Carefully package the cargo as safely and as securely as possible; Mark each package NODS; Deliver the relief cargo to: JP RAM Shipping 1B and 1C St Mark’s Industrial Estate, 439 North Woolwich Road, Silvertown, London E16 2BS.”

In order to make the next sailing to Antigua and Barbuda, all donations must be received by Wednesday, September 27, 2017. JPRAM Shipping and Geest Line are unable to receive cargo after that date.

General Items

• Generators
• Dried/canned foods
• Disposable wipes
• Water purifiers
• Water treatment tablets
• Water pumps
• Buckets
• Containers for storage

Household Items

• Sleeping cots
• Mattresses
• Pillows
• Bed linen
• Towels

Items for Infants/Babies

• Dried/canned milk
• Nappies (various sizes)
• Baby bottles
• Toys for children


• Toiletries (toothbrushes, tooth paste
• Deodorant
• Body lotion
• Sanitary napkins
• Shaving items for both men and women


• Painkillers
• First aid kits
• Batteries
• Torches

Kitchen Utensils

Building material

• Steel
• Lumber
• Plywood
• Roofing material
• tarpaulin
• Windows
• Doors
• Nails (assorted)
• Screws (assorted)
• Hammers
• Screw drivers
• Toilets

• Fishing pot wires
• Buoy

For more information on getting these donations to JPRAM Shipping and Geest Line, Telephone: 020 7476 0154.

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