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Is this Gap Kids ad campaign racist? Black Twitter says yes

CONTROVERSY: New Gap Kids campaign sparks race row

CLOTHING GIANT Gap Kids is under fire for its latest ad campaign which shows a young, black girl being used as an armrest.

Gap Kids tweeted a picture on Sunday (Apr 3) of their latest campaign in collaboration with TV host Ellen DeGeneres with the caption "Meet the kids who are proving girls can do anything".

The picture showed one girl in a dancer pose, one doing a complicated handstand and another girl, a black girl, being used to prop up the arm of one of the others.

Featuring members from the Le PeTiT Cirque. The all-kid humanitarian cirque company boasts the most talented singers, dancers, and gymnastics prodigies in the country.

And people aren't happy about it. Here's what some people have had said on Twitter:

- "@GapKids the best way to lose the black demographic. Making your only black model an armrest."

- "Apparently the only thing a Black Girl can do is bear the weight of White girls."

- "Just black girls (girls of colour) should be silent armrests #Gapkids ad makes me want to hurl!"

- "@GapKids idk if you all intended on the photo being racist, but EVERY other girl is portrayed as strong & confident. Look at their faces."

The company, nor DeGeneres, have spoken out about the ad.

In the same breath, many pointed out an older Gap advert that showed an older black child leaning on the head of a white child.

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