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Floyd Mayweather teams up with London homeless charity

REACHING OUT: Floyd Mayweather

BOXING LEGEND and undefeated world champion, Floyd Mayweather has announced that he is to partner with London based homeless charity, Working Action Group [WAG], to raise awareness on homelessness and invite others to join in the fight against it.

As part of their support, Mayweather and his team will offer potential partners a VIP invitation to Mayweather’s unprecedented ‘fight of the century’ with Ultimate Fighting Championship [UFC] champion, Conor McGregor. The fight takes place on August 26 in Las Vegas and each VIP sponsorship package is worth £20,000.

Mayweather said:

“Homelessness is something that our society should not tolerate and I consider it a privilege to be able to help.”

Following his fight with Conor McGregor, Mayweather will travel to London to visit London’s homeless and raise awareness of the growing need.

The contest has grabbed the attention of the world’s media and pitches five time world champion Mayweather, who has come out of retirement, against McGregor, the biggest star of UFC. WAG hopes that funds raised from Mayweather’s generous donation will help the charity get its first ground-breaking double decker Multipurpose Mobile Homeless Unit on the road and in service.

Working Action Group (WAG)

WAG works with thousands of homeless people sleeping rough on Britain’s streets, helping to improve the conditions they face by recruiting volunteers and providing food, clean clothing and career opportunities.

Following an initial meeting in London with WAG, and Mayweather's management team were so impressed with the efforts of the Working Action Group and their team of volunteers, that he has offered this VIP package, which includes seats at the ‘weigh in’ and behind the scenes access to the fighters, to a willing partner.

Following the fight, Mayweather will return to the UK in the autumn to take part in a fundraising tour to raise £75k to convert the first of Working Action Group’s ground-breaking fleet of Multipurpose Mobile Homeless Units.

Juliet Ryan, Project Manager of WAG’s Action for the Homeless project said:

“Our plan is to take a fleet of disused London buses and convert them into Multipurpose Units for the homeless. Each ‘bus’ will have the ability to serve up to 5000 hot meals a year as well as providing those sleeping rough with a place to shower, fresh clothes, access to the Internet, training and career counselling, and even sleeping pods so they can sleep on the bus in emergencies.”

Homelessness is a growing problem. Research carried out recently found that in England over 4000 people are sleeping rough every night and in 2016 over 8,000 people were seen sleeping rough on the streets of London.

Ryan concluded:

“For so many people, homelessness is not a choice. We want to hear the story behind a person’s homelessness, and use our ‘homeless’ buses to provide access to the personal services and career opportunities that too often we take for granted."

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