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The first Amazing Women Awards comes to London

COMING SOON: The Amazing Women Awards will take place in Victoria, London on 18 March

A NEW award ceremony designed to acknowledge women doing amazing things away from the glare of the public eye is about to make its debut.

The Amazing Women Awards takes place from 2-6.30pm on Saturday 18 March at the Grange Wellington Hotel in London’s Victoria and will include inspirational speakers, networking opportunities, afternoon tea and entertainment.

Founder Roz Thornton has all the hallmarks of an amazing woman herself. She was Business Woman of the Year 2016 at the Regional Entrepreneurs Empowerment Business Awards and spends time coaching women to achieve excellence.

Lauded PR maven Evadney Campbell MBE and her colleagues at Shiloh PR are part of Thornton’s team. Campbell commented:

“I'm always keen to support individuals who want to give back to the community…I had no hesitation in offering my assistance in whatever way I could.

“Some of the stories you will hear will be truly moving. 

“I hope each of us will go away from this event feeling inspired and motivated to do better for each other.”

INSPIRING: Roz Thornton, Amazing Women Awards founder

As well as Shiloh, whom Thornton describes as “a massive help” and “really productive”, she is working with “a team of two amazing ladies” and will draft-in a crew to help things run smoothly on the 18th.

“I first thought about setting-up the awards a year ago,” says Thornton.

“I was sitting watching the Oscars and I thought ‘why is it just celebrities getting awards?’…someone may just be doing something more quietly, in a corner, by themselves but actually impacting on lots of people.

“I’m very much about empowering women, that’s my number one thing. I was bought-up in a very disempowered household where there was a lot of domestic violence, so as soon as I was in a position to, my first priority was to help other women.

“I worked for 20 years in a local authority and my primary role was in community development. I found that if the people I worked with had a bit of support, guidance, empowering and inspiration they could achieve some great things.

“They showed me that you didn’t need lots of money, you just needed passion, enthusiasm and a great idea to make it happen.

SUPPORT: Shiloh PR's Evadney Campbell

“I’ve helped set-up lots of projects in communities across London so I’m proud of that and I’m very proud of the people that worked hard to make those projects a success. They were very, very ordinary people who saw a need and just went ahead and resolved that need by setting up a project; so it’s about rewarding people like that.

“There were so many entrants that we couldn’t shortlist – we had just shy of 100 nominations that we had to get down to 10 nominees. I’m looking for a way to try and capture their amazing stories, which I will do with perhaps a book, or some other event.

“Plus, I want an excuse to put on a nice dress!’

Amazing Women Awards categories:

Amazing Woman

Amazing Young Woman

Amazing Woman in Business

Amazing Mum

Lifetime Achievement

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