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Dominica faces huge challenge to return to normality

AID: Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit meets affected youth (Photo credit: PA)

IT IS going to take ‘months’ before Dominica is back to anything resembling normality and ‘years’ before the country is fully restored to it’s natural
green glory, but the island’s inhabitants are determined to be open for business by their 40th year of independence in 2018.

Hurricane Maria destroyed large parts of the Nature Island seven weeks ago. But Carla Armour, Producer of health and wellbeing tourism firm Vetivert Inc, told The Voice at this year’s World Travel Market that the spirits of the island’s people were improving thanks to the help received from other countries in the region and individuals sending whatever they could.

Armour said: “Thankfully we have been getting a lot of help from the international community in terms of funding to help us get our infrastructure back on track.

“We have got a lot of help from other governments and armed forces from all over the region and the rest of the world.”

Armour said that it is difficult to place a time span on the recovery process and after six weeks of living in terrible conditions things like fetching and carrying your own water become normal. But she said she remains positive.

“It will take years for Dominica to come back to what we even think it looked like, but I think as far as business and getting on with life, it looks very promising,” said Armour. Her optimistic outlook was echoed by famed former cricketer Sir Viv Richards, who was also at the World Travel Market as a Tourism Ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda.

Speaking about Antigua and Barbuda Sir Viv told The Voice: “There were a lot of folks who felt that we were also devastated (by the hurricane) in Antigua, thankfully that didn’t quite happen and we’re still open for business.

“It is pretty tough in Barbuda, but if I know the Barbudians they are pretty resilient people, and I know for sure that they will get that country back up and running again."

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