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Dirty laundry

SO FRESH, SO CLEAN: New study has revealed nearly a quarter of men don't change briefs daily

ONE IN five men do not change their underwear everyday, a new study has revealed.

The study, conducted by market analyst Mintel, showed that while 95 percent of women in Britain are in the habit of slipping into fresh undies every morning, the numbers drop to just 78 percent of men.

"There is a distinct whiff of laziness among men in the UK today when it comes to underwear," Richard Caines, senior consumer analyst, said.

He continued: "You might assume that for personal hygiene reasons everyone puts on clean underwear when they get dressed at the start of the day, yet only eight in 10 men appear to be doing so."

Male Londoners seem to rank as one of the best in the region with 91 percent washing their undergarments daily compared to 81 percent in the north west.

The study also revealed that singletons are much less likely to put on fresh underwear than their married counterparts - 82 per cent versus 88 per cent.

"It seems that the influence of a partner is a positive one when it comes to changing underwear and socks, with those who are married more likely to change their underwear on a daily basis," Caines said.

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