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Dental bus donation for Jamaica

ON THE MOVE: Angel Christian (left) and Marshall Atkinson in front of the dental bus which is being shipped to Jamaica

A UK charity has teamed-up with a church group in Denver, USA, to donate a bus which has been transformed into a mobile medical and dental clinic with the intention to deliver service to those in need in Jamaica.

The Angel Foundation, headed by Angel Christian, has joined forces with the Denver Wesleyan Church to arrange shipment of the bus, which has been painted in the colours of the Jamaican flag, once the necessary shipping and customs paperwork has been sorted out later this month.


Christian was in Denver recently to meet with Reverend Johnny Houser, who spearheaded the transformation of the bus which was parked outside the Denver Wesleyan Church for over 13 years. Houser said the members saw the need for medical and dental attention in Jamaica during the many mission trips the church has taken there.

“Our church was going several times a year doing construction work in Jamaica”, Houser said.

“We are a small church with about 60 members but we take mission trips that will change your life.”

The bus was gutted and transformed into a fully-functioning dentist office.


Though the aim is to make services more accessible for more people, getting the bus to Jamaica has been difficult. Ideally, Houser said, a team would drive the bus to Miami where it would be placed on a cargo ship en route to Jamaica. However, intercontinental shipping costs, taxes, duties and other fees are astronomical.

It was while on a visit to Jamaica that a member of the church met Christian and she offered the services of her UK charity to get the bus to Jamaica as she had been sending medical equipment to Jamaica including ambulances, defibrillators and an electrocardiogram unit.

Christian recently received a donation from the Grace Foods UK ‘Penny Pledge’ campaign and it this funds which will be used to help with the shipment of the bus to Jamaica.

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