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Debut track from R&B's Jupiter Grey is a reflection of life


JUPITER GREY looks to turn R’n’B on its head with his debut single, 'Black Mirrors'.

The club beats that you might expect to hear in modern R’n’B are absent from this record. Instead, listeners are treated to raw, passionate vocals over a beat which uses actual instruments.

Grey’s music does not come from a production line. Rather, it is an authentic expression of his identity as an artist, of his wish to be unique and of the wide array of influences which have inspired him to create music.

Coming from his debut EP, Wounded Soul, this track offers sonic poetry, giving listeners a chance to understand the singer’s emotional contortions as he fought through a difficult period in his life.

Absolutely everything in this track is authentic. Nothing is exaggerated, nothing is added. Black Mirrors is a genuine expression of Jupiter’s feelings, laid bare for the public.

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