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'Dead' Grandmother climbs out of coffin

SHE'S ALIVE: Doctors say 95-year-old, Li Xiufeng, suffered an 'artificial death'

A GRANDMOTHER left friends and family stunned in China, when she reportedly climbed out of her coffin six days after she 'died'.

Li Xiufeng, 95, was assumed dead after she was found 'motionless and not breathing' in bed by her neighbour, Chen Qingwang, in the Beiliu, Guangxi Province, reports Ananova.

Xiufeng, who had received a head injury from a fall two weeks earlier, was placed in a coffin ahead of her funeral to be visited by friends and family as a part of local tradition.

Qingwang, 60, told Ananova: "No matter how hard I pushed her and called her name, she had no reactions. I felt something was wrong, so I tried her breath, and she has gone, but her body is still not cold."

A day before the funeral, a 'terrified' Qingwang discovered the empty coffin and eventually found Xiufeng sitting on a stool in her kitchen cooking.

She reportedly told villagers: "I slept for a long time. After waking up, I felt so hungry, and wanted to cook something to eat. I pushed the lid for a long time to climb out."

A local hospital allegedly believes Xiufeng suffered an 'artificial death', during which the person appears to have no breath but the body remains alive.

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