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The dating app that flags-up explicit language

THE PHONE IS YOUR OYSTER: There are a vast range of dating apps on the market to cater to the needs of singles (image credit: H Consumption)

REVOLUTIONARY BRITISH dating app TrueView have introduced a unique word detection system on their app. If one of their members tries to use a ‘naughty’ word when compiling a message to a potential date, their system flags-up the word and encourages the user to write something else instead.

Matt Verity, co-founder of TrueView, says:

“After we realised that using explicit language just wasn't effective when trying to strike up a conversation with someone who has caught your eye, we decided to introduce the 'naughty list'. The technology is pretty simple, but it has a profound effect in converting the disgraceful into a message your potential mother-in-law would be proud of. Any explicit word that is deemed to lead to a ba response or no response is added to our 'naughty list'. If one of our members tries to use it when compiling an intro message, we flag-up the word we are unsure of and explain that it would be probably better not to use it.

"At TrueView we are simply trying to educate our members via simple tech. These prompts or monitoring elements help steer a member down a clear path to success.”

According to recent research carried out by TrueView, you are 45% more likely to get a response on a dating app by sending a personal message. Interestingly, their research also shows that you are 68% more likely to get a response if your message is a complete sentence and 66% more likely if you make sure the language in your message is polite.

TrueView hope these innovative measures will promote an honest dating space for people who are looking to form relationships rather than find casual hook-ups.

Verity continued:

“Since installing the 'naughty list', people responding to messages has risen dramatically.

"If you send a personal and polite introduction message to someone that catches your eye, you are 66% more likely to get a response than simply swiping, liking or walking past them. It is your chance to shine and show a glimpse of your personality.

"Looks can fade but personality and compatibility are what strong relationships are made of, so if there is ever an opportunity to strike up a conversation both online and offline, this is the golden ticket to success.

"Just stay away from the profanity.”

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