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Could you live on £1.67 a day?

ON A MISSION: Support worker Bobby Elliot has said he grew up in poverty

ONE MAN’S mission to raise awareness of the issue of poverty in the UK is gaining attention as he embarks on a challenge to ‘live in destitution’.

Since September 15, Bobby Elliott has committed to living on £50 for a period of 30 days, approximately £1.67 a day.

He is not factoring in the cost of travel to work but will include all other living essentials such as food and toiletries.

Elliott said he was inspired by the people he engaged with as a support worker. He said: “I have seen firsthand how difficult it is to live on a small income.

“Many individuals decide to spend some of their money on escapism, which I can understand to a degree, but it does not help to solve anything.”


According to the charity Oxfam, the UK is the world’s sixth largest economy, yet one-in-five of the population lives below the official poverty line, meaning that life is a daily struggle for them.

Across the country, people from ethnic minorities are more likely to live in low-income households, and more than half of people living in low-income households in London, are of an ethnic minority background.

On his 30-day challenge, Elliott said: “My point is to make it as difficult as possible so the message is clear and we understand that people struggle on the amount of money that they live on from month to month.”

The west Londoner recalled growing up in a single-parent household and that social outfits, such as the Southall Black Sisters, provided a sanctuary for his family.

“We could literally go there and we could have something to eat,” he said. “We could play and it was peace of mind for my mum because I know that she really felt under pressure to make sure that we were okay.”

As part of the campaign, Elliott hopes to draw attention to the deficit of social resources to remedy poverty.

“If you were to ask where the nearest pub is, people would be able to say there’s one here and one here, that isn’t the same when it comes to resources to deal with poverty,” he emphasised.

The 32-year-old has admitted that his biggest weaknesses were his love of food and distraction by social media.

In addition to his challenge to live on £50 a month, Elliott has also vowed to cut out the use of electronic luxuries such as the internet and television.

He will chronicle his progress and is encouraging other supporters to endure the challenge alongside him.

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