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Child prodigy in fundraising plea for bone marrow treatment

FUNDRAISING PLEA: Child prodigy Caesar Sant

A CHILD prodigy who began playing the violin at two, amazing teachers with his advanced abilities, was left unable to walk and play his beloved musical instrument after complications stemming from sickle cell anemia.

Caesar Sant, who turned seven on Aug 1, suffered three debilitating strokes due to his illness when he was five, but is attempting to regain his musical abilities with a lifesaving bone marrow transplant.

“Caesar was born with sickle cell anemia, which caused him to have three acute strokes in the span of two years," his family, including neuroscientist father Lucas Santos, said. "Although the previous two strokes did not cause much neurological damage, the third on, in June 2014, left him temporarily paralysed and unable to walk by himself for six months,”

Caesar’s biggest hope is now his newborn sister Helen, born via IVF in 2014, who can provide a bone marrow transplant and ensure he'll always be able to play the violin.

The transplant is due to be completed this summer, but the family will have to reallocate to another city so little Caesar, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, will be close to the transplant centre at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

"To help cover the treatment costs and housing expenses, his family has turned to fundraising, which will “allow we them to focus their attention on Caesar’s treatment and recovery instead of their financial concerns”.

With the public's help, Caesar's family is hoping to raise $500k to cover the cost of the youngster’s treatment.

A GoFundMe page, which was launched in 2013, has only raised $14,122 so far.

They are pleading with the public to “please give whatever you can”.

“Caesar has enriched our lives in so many ways- his bright smile, his beautiful music, and his unwavering passion for learning,” the family expressed in a statement on the crowdfunding website. “It has been torturous as a parent to watch him struggle to sit up, hold his violin, or run and play with his five-year-old sister, Maria-Anita. Please, if you are able, help us cure Caesar. Please give whatever you can. Many of you have reached out and asked how you can help, this is the best possible way. We need your help, my friends. Caesar needs your help.”

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