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Campaigners back bid for new Mandela statue

MEMORIES: From left - Nelson Mandela with ex-wife Winnie during a visit to London in 1990

IN MEMORIAM of the late Nelson Mandela’s forthcoming 100th birthday, The Nelson Mandela Memorial Campaign – otherwise known as Mandela 8 – is raising funds for a new project due to be launched in 2018 in Liverpool.

July 18, 2018 would have been the 100th birthday of the celebrated anti-apartheid activist, and Mandela 8 want to mark the occasion by erecting a statue in Prince’s Park.

The former South African president passed away aged 95 after suffering from a prolonged respiratory infection in December 2013.

Prior to his death, which gained worldwide media coverage, Mandela’s legacy was immortalised with a statue in London’s Parliament Square back in 2007.

The cost attached to Mandela 8’s proposal for a new statue includes £312,000 for the restoration of a lake on the earmarked Prince’s Park site, which needs to be restored in order to improve local ecology and to support the build.

Councillor Steve Munby, Cabinet member for neighbourhoods, joined Liverpool City Council, the North West Trade Unions Congress (TUC) and National Museum Liverpool in lending his support to the application.

He said:

“The Nelson Mandela Memorial would be an exciting addition to Prince’s Park, and would help attract more people to spend time there.

“He (Nelson Mandela) was made a Freeman of the City in 1994 and it is very fitting that Liverpool should be aiming to honour him – but it is equally vital that the area surrounding the memorial is improved.”

Campaign Chair, Lynn Collins, said:

“We are currently in the process of appointing an artist who we will work with to create something special that fits the park and its environment and captures the ideals which Mandela stood for – of freedom, justice, education and equality.

“This city has a long affiliation to Nelson Mandela.

“The chosen space of the island in Prince’s Park creates an opportunity to break down barriers, build bridges and create links on many levels connected to humanity and diversity.

“It is particularly fitting as Nelson Mandela was incarcerated on an island for 18 years of his imprisonment.”

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