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Cameron: Making 'things just a little bit easier'

DISCUSSION: Cameron at the London Summit on Family Planning with Melinda Gates

ALTHOUGH OUR economy is healing, I know how tough things still are for Britain’s families. The Voice readers understand this as well as anyone. Wages aren’t rising as fast as we’d like, but the children still want treats. Bills are high but the car still needs to be filled up.

Most people I meet don’t expect the Government to wave a magic wand. They know the mess Labour left us in. But they do expect politicians to back them if they work hard to build a better life for themselves and their children: to make things just a little bit easier.

That’s why we’re determined to make childcare more affordable. More than ever we need to help parents across Britain: the ones who get up early, work hard, then find their income eaten away by fees for nurseries or childminders. And we also need to help people who just can’t afford to work, because it’s too expensive to pay someone to look after their children.

So this week we made a big announcement: we’re going to drastically cut the cost of childcare from 2015. We’re going to pay 20% of your bill every year, up to £1,200 per child. That effectively gives you back your tax for childcare costs.

We’ll begin by helping those with children under 5, but year by year we’ll extend it until all children under 12 are covered. It’s for families where both parents work. But don’t worry if you’re a working single mum or dad, it absolutely applies to you as well.

This isn’t a gimmick – it’s real money. A typical family with two children will save £2,000 a year.

Our plans on childcare are bold and ambitious. Labour had 13 years to sort things out – in much easier economic times - but they didn’t even scratch the surface.

It’s this Government which is making life easier for families. We’ve cut tax for 24 million people, stopped Labour’s fuel duty rise, frozen council tax for 3 years and are forcing energy companies to put their customers on the lowest available tariff.

We’ve always been clear that we face tough choices in clearing up Labour’s mess and getting Britain standing tall again. But we’ll always do everything we can to help the hard-working families who are the backbone of this country. Our plans for childcare show we’re more serious than ever.

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