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Buy a personalised gift and give to your charity of choice

GIVING: From left - Ricardo and Elesia Williams

LOOK AT us Designs are an award-winning family business who run an online gift shop selling personalised gifts for all occasions. For every gift ordered, a portion of the profit goes to a charity of the customer's choice.

The website is run by husband and wife team Ricardo and Elesia Williams, who say:

"We are the first company to ever do this - for every purchase that a customer makes on our website we can donate £1 each to any organisation locally or across the world. For example, you could choose to give to a church or any religious organisation, a school, hospital, community centre or any charity.

"If you live in America and you purchase something on our website and you would like to donate £1 to a school in India you can do that, or for instance, if you live in London, England and would like to donate to your local community centre you can - it really doesn't matter where you live in the world.

"So, if you buy three items then that will be £3 donated to any registered organisation of your choice anywhere across the globe.

"All donations are made via PayPal and we will contact the organisation on the customer's behalf to make sure that it is a registered organisation.

"Our donation policy has been so popular that we were included in our local newspaper, The Comet and on a major radio network."

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