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Brits start thinking of home less than five days into hols

IT'S SOMETHING we save-up for all year and then can’t wait to complain about when we get back - yes, the Great British Summer Holiday season is upon us and we’ll be flocking in our thousands to beach resorts around the world.

Supplies for Candles, the candle scents experts, surveyed people to ask how long into a two-week summer holiday abroad they started missing their home and the UK – shockingly, on average, Brits started pining for their homeland after only 4.6 days! Broken down further, the stats show that men would rather head home before women: they miss the UK 4.3 days into a holiday, compared with five days for women. Regionally, the Northern Irish miss home the most – they’d be happy to go home after three days (while the English missed it the least – they only started thinking about home after 4.7 days).

To find out more about our relationship with nostalgia and scent and whether or not it was related to our homesickness come summer time, Supplies for Candles then asked which British smells people loved the most and the fragrance which came out on top – adored by nearly a third of the nation (42.9%) – was the great, British, Sunday roast. The enticing smell of baking bread you get wafting throughout supermarkets seduced almost a quarter of us, while the scent of a comforting cuppa came in third (11.9%). And no matter how much you may love fish and chips, the aroma of a chip shop or a greasy spoon came last, scoring only 4.8%.

There’s nothing, however, like the unique smells of summer – vastly different from the scent of autumn, say, with its crisp leaves and smoky bonfires, or winter, with its slush and pine trees. Brits’ favourite summer smell is that of freshly cut grass; nearly half of us (46.2%) love sniffing the aroma of a newly mown lawn, with its heady, ‘green’ scent. In second place comes that traditional pastime, the great British BBQ – meats grilling over glowing coal embers, filling the air with their exotic, primitive yet alluring scent. Salty sea air tantalises 10.3% of us, making us think of beaches and boat trips.

"Scent is almost more powerful than photographs when it comes to evoking and triggering memories," says Nick Story from Supplies For Candles.

"It’s no surprise that, universally, we all enjoy smells like freshly cut grass, or barbecues. Our advice is to enjoy the summer, with all its many scents!"

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