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A Bolt To Remember

MAN OF THE MOMENT: Usain Bolt, centre, with Akala, third from left, alongside guests at tonight's (July 16) charity dinner and auction

SPORTS STARS, politicians and super fans attended the exclusive Usain Bolt and Glen Mills charity dinner and auction, in support of the sporting duo and Racers Track Club.

Hundreds of guests descended upon The Dorchester Hotel for a night of inspiration, good food and even better company, as stars including Dawn Butler MP, rapper Akala and Bolt's manager Nugent Walker mingled with guests in the reception.

The Voice's Entertainment Editor Joel Campbell was on hand to interview entrants as the event commenced, as excitement filled the air in anticipation of Bolt's arrival. Speaking to The Voice at the start of the evening, Olivia Babsy Grange, Sports Minister of Jamaica said:

“This evening is an extremely important evening. I’m particularly proud as the Minister of Sports in Jamaica and we’re here to celebrate Usain Bolt and to honour him.

“Jamaica’s great to have the fastest man on the earth, we have some of the fastest women, and this evening is a tribute to Jamaica and our country that is so great – we’re little but we’re tallawah and it’s a pleasure for me to be here.“

As guests entered the lavish ballroom they were welcomed to their tables by The Voice hosts as they dined on a delicious three-course meal, curated by Levi Roots.

Underground sensation Adelaide Mackenzie graced the stage to sing a beautiful, melodic rendition of R.Kelly’s The World’s Greatest, as guests tucked into their starters.

Bolt and coach Mills then made their grand entrance to the event and caused an eruption of excitement and applause as Bolt went around to each table, taking pictures with guests.

Athlete Colin Jackson took to the stage to interview Bolt and Mills. As they discussed the Bolt and Mills’ journey, the crowd eagerly listened to the gems – and jokes – as they bantered back and forth with one another. Speaking on what makes a great athlete, Mills said:

“There are a lot of things but for the naked eye, you look at the physical qualities and as a coach I'm always looking for a ruff diamond who I think can really shine.”

In celebration of Bolt and Mills attending the event on behalf of Racers Track Club, The Voice and JN Bank's Paulette Simpson, JN Bank’s Leon Hamilton and The Voice's Sports and Features Editor Rodney Hinds took to the stage, where they gave their speeches and awarded the two veterans with citations. Hamilton said of Mills:

“As a man of few words, Glen Mills is described by his athletes as a father figure, mentor and friend.”

Following the citations, the live auction began, as coveted items including Bolt’s very own spikes, sold for £10,200, to tickets for his 100m final, which sold for £1,500. Over £30,000 was raised this evening.

After the successful auction, The Voice’s Joel Campbell and spoke exclusively to Bolt following the charity dinner and auction.

Asked for his thoughts on the evening Bolt said:

“Yeah, I'm definitely happy its for my cause that I hold dearly to my heart, the Racers Track Club. I always done everything possible to promote and to show love, so I’m happy that everybody came out and really supported and dipped into their pockets to help and thanks to JN for putting this on.”

It was certainly a night to remember.

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