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Are good manners a thing of the past?

CHANGE: Three in ten Brits admitted they wished they had better manners

MODERN DAY Brits are lacking in good manners, new research has revealed.

It seems busy day-to-day lives leave little time for courtesy, with 60 per cent of Brits admitting they frequently forget to greet someone with a hello. A further three in ten admit they rarely say thank you when they should, while 24 per cent never say please.

Even the term ‘goodbye’ seems a difficult one for people to master, with one in five saying they often finish a phone call without any pleasantries.

Three in ten Brits admitted they wished they had better manners, and 85 per cent of Brits admit they felt hurt and disrespected by frequent failures of courtesy.

A spokesperson for Mentos, who commissioned the research said: “When we’re busy, or engrossed in our phones, we can often let our good manners slip – but we should all make the effort to be polite and say hello.”

With 19 per cent of the nation forgetting to thank strangers for holding a door open, seven in ten will respond with a sarcastic “You’re welcome” for this lack of gratitude.

Despite being a nation of bad-mannered Brits, we still receive a number passing pleasantries from others.

Supermarket cashiers greet Brits with the most “hellos”, followed by coffee shop staff and receptionists. And people typically exchange 59 good-natured remarks every day, including ten pleases, 11 thank yous and ten hellos.

Over half the nation agree good manners include offering a tea round when making one for yourself and not reaching over others at the dinner table. However, more than half put this down to being shy and 22 per cent blame others for coming across as “rude”.

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