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Alexandra Burke says she was "treated like dirt" by BA

SPEAKING OUT: Alexandra Burke

ALEXANDRA BURKE criticised British Airways in a series of tweets, saying she was "treated like dirt".

The X Factor winner took to social media on Monday to express how 'furious' she was with an employee at Heathrow airport's Terminal 5, due to reportedly not complying with the company's hand baggage policy.

Burke Tweeted:

"FUMING! Never have I ever been treated like dirt in terminal 5 from a @British_Airways employee. What an absolute disgrace! SO ANGRY!!!"

The star, who won the 2008 series of the The X Factor added:

"I want to make the biggest complaint about a guy who works in terminal 5 @British_Airways how do I do this?"

In an attempt to calm her down, one of her Followers posted:

"Hey, Maybe he's just had a bad day, we all have them no need to name and shame on social media in front of your many followers."

"I don't care. We all have bad days! I was also VERY kind to the man in all of what happened. So yes. I will NAME AND SHAME!", the singer responded.

BA then replied:

"This isn't good to hear, Alexandra. We can take the details of your complaint, this would then be passed to the Airport Manager."

Burke responded:

"How someone can reduce me to tears is beyond me. Hate rude people... why can't people just be nice! It's not that hard!"

The chart-topper was then met with a response from BA's social team offering to help, which seemed to have made Burke a lot happier.

She wrote:

"Hi Lisa, thanks so much. I'm about to take off I can DM you and we can have a call today when I land ? Thank you x."

"You're most welcome, Alexandra. Drop us a DM with your contact number when you land. We'll be happy to give you a call. Enjoy your flight by the way", BA replied.

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