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60 Seconds with Mistajam

BBC 1XTRA and Radio 1 star, MistaJam, sits down with Janelle Oswald as he gears up for his new weekly night Speakerbox at the BCM nightclub in Spain, Magalluf.

Here, the Nottingham born DJ shares his hangover tips, what keeps him inspired and why he likes performing at one of the world’s most famous nightclub.

What's the best thing about performing at BCM?
A holiday crowd is a crowd with much less inhibitions than the kind of crowd you get when you're playing in someone's hometown, which is a gift and a curse at the same time! BCM is always kicking and is the place to party this summer, hence why it’s one of the world’s best joints to party!

How would you describe your sound?
Energetic party music for energetic party people of all forms!

What is Speakerbox?
Speakerbox is my brand that was set up a few years ago to encompass all of my activity outside the BBC. I've recently partnered with Ministry of Sound to develop it.

My responsibilities are around the events and compilations aspect of the brand and we've got some really big things in already for the summer so watch this space!

Who would you most like to perform with and why?
I've just watched the Marley documentary so I'll say Bob Marley. Watching the archive footage of his concerts just really inspired me. His positive energy is something every performer should aspire to. I did play an after party for a Damien Marley concert and he seemed to have the same kind of aura his dad had in the documentary.

What are your predictions for this year's summer anthem?
There's a few vying for the title. Rudimental's Feel The Love will definitely be one of them.

Three tips on how to get over a hangover?
Don't drink more than you can handle in the first place! Water, Advil (get an American friend to send you some - much better than UK pain killers), some form of starchy carbs and tea normally works for me.

Where will you watch the Olympic Games and who are you hoping for to take home gold?
I think I'll watch the Olympics from the comfort of a car on the way to a gig! I've got a really packed schedule over the summer so hopefully I'll be able to catch some of it. As for the hopefuls, I hope Jessica Ennis, Phillips Idowu and Usain Bolt get gold medals.

The last thing that made you laugh?
Kevin Hart's Laugh At My Pain stand-up DVD. He's a funny guy!

Who were your inspirations growing up?
My parents! They were always there for me and even though we had no money. I was never left wanting for anything. Plus they stuck together. It's a real shame that many mixed race kids of my generation can't say the same thing.

If you didn't do music, what do you believe you would be doing now?
I honestly don't know. I'm pretty much living my dream and haven't got a backup career to fall back on if this all goes tits up, so here's hoping it doesn't!

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