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50 Cent trolls Gabrielle Union while celebrating 'Power'

RIVALS: 50 Cent trolls Gabrielle Union

50 CENT is stirring up a new TV feud with Gabrielle Union, after her show Being Mary Jane ratings have dropped.

The ultra-competitive rap star's hit Starz cable series Power continues to rule the ratings, while Union's BET show has dipped, prompting the rap star to boast on Instagram on Monday (August 7).

"Remember that other show that thought they were in competition with Power, what happened to it?" he wrote.

"I don’t hear anyone talking s**t anymore. Now I’m gonna take over BET."

Union refused to rise to the bait and instead offered up a diplomatic:

"I don’t compete with other artists, only celebrate."

She added:

"(There's) enough space for all of us to succeed. Cheers to Power and cheers to other creative folks uplifting each other. ALL our programming could use more shine... I know that celebrating others in no way dims my shine. Keep shining @50cent."

Her feedback appeared to stop the rapper in his tracks, as he pointed out he's friendly with the actress' boyfriend, basketball star Dwyane Wade.

He responded:

"@gabunion I’m never gonna argue with you because your Wades lady. I like Wade, I got a lot of respect for him. This post has nothing to do with you, but you know I’m gonna be #1 at BET, and I want you to know your Mary Jane show is welcome to stay on my network. LOL."

The news comes weeks after 50 threatened to pull Power from Starz and sign a new deal with the BET network.

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