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‘We won’t stop using hair glue’

POPULAR: Hairdressers in Jamaica vow to continue applying hair hair extensions with controversial hair glue

DESPITE REPORTS that a hair glue may have caused the death of a Jamaican-born woman, local hairdressers in the country have said they will not stop using the popular product.

The use of the solvent was called into question in February after a UK pathologist explained that that 34-year-old Atasha Graham, who lived in south London with her boyfriend, may have died from the latex glue used to apply hair extensions.

Graham had been reportedly using hair extensions for 14 years, but suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing after returning home from a night out at a club.

A post-mortem failed to find any abnormalities with her organs or substances, which could have caused her death. The pathologist told the hearing that traces of glue or solvent could have seeped into her bloodstream.

However, a Portmore-based hairdresser, Stacy-Ann Morrison, who told The Weekend Star that she had been in the profession for over 10 years and didn’t believe that the solvent was the cause of Graham’s cause of death.

She said: "I don't think hair glue killed that woman, it must be something else because the glue is even used to put on eyelashes and it doesn't even hurt."

RARE CASE?: Atasha Graham, who had used hair extensions since she was 14, suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing after returning home from a night out at a club

"Every hair product have side effects and what I know about the hair glue is that it can damage your hairline or give you fungus. I definitely don't think the hair glue killed that woman and that will not help me to stop use it. I think it's some other product that she may have used," she said.


Colleen Scott-Boothe, who also has been in the hairdressing business for many years, said the fact that the solvent sometimes rips the hair from the root is an indication that there are side effects.

"I don't really know if the glue is dangerous enough to cause death, but I know it can be dangerous to tear the hair from the root. Just look at when it gets attached to clothes, it really messes it up and it cannot be easily removed. But clients are [still] asking for it and some of them prefer the glue than to sew the hair in," Scott-Boothe told The Weekend Star

Shantelle Dawkins, a regular user of the hair glue, said she would not stop using the product.

"I don't think the glue is dangerous and that will not stop me from using it because people have been using it for years and this is the first I am hearing something like this. The glue gives me better results because it makes your hair neater," Dawkins said.

"I use the glue and have never heard it kill anyone yet. That story about that UK woman sounds far-fetched to me and that will not prevent me from using it. That case about that woman is rare," added user, Yanica Grant.

Meanwhile, local medical practitioner, Dr Jephthah Ford rubbished the claim that hair glue is dangerous and can cause death.

According to Dr Ford, "the UK report didn't say the glue was the cause of death. They didn't find the cause of the woman's death and so they said that the glue is a possibility. However, it is very unlikely that hair glue could be that dangerous," he said.

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