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‘David Cameron is playing the immigration blame game’


WHY DO we always blame the immigrants or migrants when things go bad? Well, we know why Prime Minister David Cameron is doing it. Cameron is scared that the UK Independent Party (UKIP) have exposed his flank in the Tory party.

He will run emigration and the EU issues together from here to the election in the hope of distracting from his Government's abysmal record in running the economy into the ground. We mustn't let the Tories get away with that.

But what about his coalition partner Nick Clegg (and his Brent voice) and sacked families Minister Sarah Teather? They too are abandoning all liberal principles on this issue.

In the 2010 election they proudly claimed that honesty was their best policy. They promised a 10-year amnesty for illegal immigrants and guess what? It got them votes in Brent.

I recall Teather's rhetoric vividly, which was hawked all round the constituency and it fooled a lot of people. Just as their tuition fees policy conned many more. Where is the honesty they once talked about? They are betraying their electorate once again.

I was delighted to see our Labour shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper tear into Cameron's intolerant 'big speech' promising to withhold benefits from EU migrants.

She declared: “We won't support an arms race on immigration rhetoric, we want practical and sensible measures that make the system work”

That is precisely what we were saying in the last Labour Government, in which I was proud to serve. If the current laws are vigorously enforced then a fair assessment could be made if the laws need changing.

We seem to be fumbling towards a triple dip recession. Let’s talk about ways of building our country out of it. For those who think that politicians and political parties are all the same, think again! Who you elect really can change the landscape and life chances of different communities.

So Labour needs to start reminding people of what it has done well over the years. There’s enough people reminding the electorate of where we went wrong.

And trust me, even the worse Labour Government could never be as bad as the best Tory Lib Dem one.

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