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‘The perfect retreat Kwéyòl Donmnik for Beginners’

MWEN KÉ toujou enmen’w simply means I will always love you in Kwéyòl. Sylvia Henderson Mitchell is the author of a brand new easy to read and to learn language book, titled Kwéyòl Donmnik for Beginners.

This extremely well researched Caribbean language book reads like the perfect retreat into an island that forgot time, but never its history. Mitchell guides you through this wonderful and strange world of an ancient language.

As you delve into this book, you quickly realise that this is far more than a language companion.

Sylvia Henderson Mitchell is The Voice newspaper's author of the week, of Dominican parentage she learned Kwéyòl from her mother, friends and relatives residing in both the Dominica and St. Lucia.

Mitchell’s passion for preserving the Kwéyòl language shines through like sunbeams chasing the early sea breeze.

If you would like to learn Dominica’s Kwéyòl cultural heritage language from the beginning, or improve your current knowledge and understanding of the language, this book is an essential must have.

In the first part of the book, Kwéyòl grammar is explained in very straightforward terms. Each chapter contains examples and exercises whilst the second part of the book is packed with useful words and phrases and a quiz to test your knowledge.

Kwéyòl Donmnik for Beginners takes you step by step through extensive language exercises. Ensuring that you are able to utter with confidence Kwéyòl’s unique every day phrases, with its authentic diction and nuances that can be traced back to the language systems used by the indigenous Carib, West African, French and English inhabitants.

Certainly more than a language book, it contains within its pages an inquisitive find for lovers of the Caribbean, and of course the intrepid traveller.

The book is available on and You can order directly at: or Barnes & Noble

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